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Hyundai Festive Delight-2078

On the occasion of Dashain-Tihar 2078, Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd., the sole authorized distributor of Hyundai Motors in Nepal, has launched its annual offer “Hyundai Festive Delight-2078” for its clients. The Dashain-Tihar offer will begin on the 24th of Bhadra, 2078, or September 9, 2021. (Thursday) for this year. 

Brief Description of Hyundai Festive Delight

Hyundai Motor Company is one of the world’s top five automakers, producing high-quality automobiles and are trusted by millions. They have minimal maintenance costs and are uphold by cutting-edge after-sales care. Likewise, Laxmi Intercontinental P. Ltd. has 13 showrooms and 17 service centers located throughout Nepal.

More Information about Offer

During the “Hyundai Festive Delight-2078” offer, customers will have the chance to win a fantastic “Bumper Prize of all-new Hyundai i20” to one person through a Lucky Draw. Moreover, customers can get attractive cash discounts of up to 3 lakhs, additional cash discounts up to Rs. 1 lakh through scratch coupons. Subsequently, there is one-year comprehensive insurance and road tax coverage as part of the scheme. All Hyundai vehicles include six years of free maintenance, three years of warranty, free road tax for the current fiscal year, and ownership transfer.

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