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“Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle: Leaks & rumors”

Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle was been sighted driving around China.

The globally known company Xiaomi is now developing multiple electric vehicles – the MS11 with the codename Modena. Which was caught during testing, and recently it has re-appeared in Weibo leaks.

In this article, we will cover all available information about the Xiaomi MS11 EV.

About Xiaomi EVs:

As know Xiaomi is a well-known tech brand that has been providing various different types of products throughout the years. And in 2021, the brand expressed its intent to enter the electric vehicle market. Xiaomi established a subsidiary, Xiaomi Smart Vehicle Business, with a starting investment of CNY 10 billion, aiming to increase it to USD 10 billion over the next decade. The CEO of this electric vehicle division is Lei Jun.


Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle:

Xiaomi MS11 EV Overview (rumors)

According to a recent leak on Weibo, the first Xiaomi electric car will be named MS11. Previously, it was known by the codename Modena. Despite undergoing street testing in disguise, the car has now been fully revealed through the Weibo leak.

This marks a significant moment as we now get to see Xiaomi’s first EV in full detail;

Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle

As anticipated, Xiaomi is exercising caution with the MS11, its first electric vehicle. The style appears to be inspired by another Chinese EV company, BYD Seal, as shown in leaked real-world photos.

The MS11 has features including a complete glass roof, big tires, flush door handles, and Wilwood brakes that make it look like a 5-door sports sedan. The new Xiaomi logo is located in the middle of the wheel and is visible on the front of the vehicle above a sensor-like item.

Leaks and rumors from earlier suggest that the Xiaomi Modena (MS11) will come in three variations. The first two will be equipped with BYD LFP Blade batteries, while the top-tier model will feature the latest CATL Qilin battery.

Additionally, the car will run on the Snapdragon 8295, Qualcomm’s fourth-gen automotive chip built on a 5nm process.

2024 Mass-Production

Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle

This tweet, posted by Insight Hub, is Xioami is expected to officially mass-produce in the first half of 2024. And furthermore, accordingly, the MS11 will cost between USD 38,350 and USD 51,650, making it a rival to the Tesla Model 3 as per rumors.

The automobile will go into mass production in 2024, with Xiaomi hoping to create 150,000 units yearly. With a yearly production capacity of 300,000 EVs, the company will run a manufacturing factory in Yizhuang that includes research and development facilities. After the automobile is formally unveiled, marketing initiatives will start. Xiaomi has established a PR department.

Note: We will update this article when Xiaomi 1st Electric Vehicle is officially revealed and rendered.

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