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Nepali Ride hauling Tootle is back again in Kathmandu!!

Tootle was one of the well-known Ride-sharing platforms before Pathao and InDriver. The ride-sharing platform has resumed its service in Kathmandu after a long time. The app is currently managed by a new management, Zapp. Zapp is a delivery service provider and has been providing service for quite some time.

Overview of Tootle

Tootle has been out of business for quite some time. The comeback of Tootle brings new and improved app design. Along with the aim to capture the lost market with a seamless and affordable experience. By optimising the app and implementing various safety precautions. Like partnering with Shikar Insurance to ensure the safety of riders and passengers. App is free to download in both the Play Store and App Store.

App Design

Although the platform is under new management, the app looks much more like the previous app. The minor changes in the design have improved the User Experience (UX) of the app.


The platform charges a 15% commission to bike riders and 12% to taxi riders for the first month. After the first month, the commission for the bike ride is 20% and 15% for the taxi.


What is a Tootle app?

It is a ride-sharing platform currently operating in Kathmandu valley only.

Is there any alternative to Tootle?

Yes there are many alternative ride-sharing platform and the popular ones are Pathao and InDrive

How much commission does Tootle charge for each rides?

Tootle has announced that for the first month of re-launch, it will charge 15% and 12%, respectively, for bikes and taxi riders.

Does Tootle provide any insurance to riders and the consumers?

Yes, the ride-sharing platform has partnered with Shikhar Insurance to provide insurance services for the riders and the consumers during the rides.

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The sounds that the bikes give out during the ride. F1 racing, road racing, etc. This provides me with the thrill just from hearing them. Getting to twist the throttle allows me to feel how the rider felt. Each vehicle has uniqueness, and everyone has the right to know about it. Tips and tricks. The unknown feature allows us to use the maximum limit of what they can provide.


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