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TailG Lion now available in Nepal | Specifications | Price in Nepal 2023

The TailG Lion and Tail G Tiger is quite similar. However, the lion is superior as it dominates Tiger over range, speed, and warranty coverage. The Lion redefines the driving experience with its cutting-edge technology and timeless design.


  • Eco-Conscious Power
  • Elevated Performance
  • Extended Range
  • Smart Connectivity

The TailG Lion stands at the forefront of electric mobility innovation that embodies style, performance, and eco-friendliness in one. It ensures its focus on creating a sustainable transportation and providing optimum features to the rider while redefining urban mobility.

What is the price of TailG Lion in Nepal?
The Lion is priced at Rs. 3,30,000 lakh in Nepal

TailG Lion Overview


Motor2.5 kW Electric Motor
Battery1.9 kW
Battery TypeLithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Peak Power4000 W
Charging Time6 – 8 Hours
Range160 Km
Top Speed60 km/h
Front Tyre90/80 – 12
Rear Tyre90/90 – 12
Braking TypeRegenerative Braking
Ground Clearance165 mm
Kerb weight101 Kg
TailG Lion Specifications


The Lion features a sleek and avant-garde contours that gives it an aesthetic and futuristic look while providing aerodynamic abilities. It’s lightweight frame and construction ensures its ability to navigate through tight spaces easily with precise agility and a responsive ride. The sophisticated design gives it an urban icon.

The sleek and smooth contours gives it a classic and premium look. The soft and comfortable seating alongside a Pillion back rest ensure that both the rider and the pillion experiences a comfortable and a hassle free ride during a tough terrain or on long rides.

TailG Lion - 4
TailG Lion – 4


The Lion is powered by a 2.5kW Electric Motor with a Max power of 4 kW with a top speed of 60 km/h.  It is equipped with a 72V45Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery that takes around 6-8 hours to charge fully and has a Max range of 160 km. The motor not only ensure zero emission bu also gives you a silent ride This electric heart not only eliminates emissions but also produces a seamless and near-silent ride, enhancing both the rider’s experience and the environment.

The well-tuned suspension system provide you with a nimble and confident ride. The lion’s ability to gain a strong control ensure that you are navigate through busy traffic and ride corners worry free. The scooter’s intuitive controls and rider-centric ergonomics further enhance this experience, making every ride an opportunity to enjoy the art of precision handling.

TailG Lion - 5
TailG Lion – 5


The Lion boasts a comprehensive range of advanced features such as LCD display and Bluetooth connectivity, regenerative braking, and a 25-liter under-seat storage compartment for convenience. Safety features include ventilated disc brakes with CBS that allows you to have a safe braking distance and on time, an anti-theft alarm, and built-in stereo speakers for an immersive experience.

TailG Lion Price in Nepal

The Lion is priced at Rs. 3,30,000 lakh in Nepal. You can visit the nearest showroom for more information and purchase of the vehicle.

TailG LionPrice in Nepal
TailG LionRs. 3,30,000
TailG Lion Price in Nepal

The TailG Lion’s sleek design, efficient electric powertrain, and impressive range allows it to addresses the challenges and aspirations of Nepali urban mobility and its terrain. As Nepal aim for a sustainable transportation solutions, the Lion’s style, performance, and environmental responsibility ensures its position and ability to cause the change.

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