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Seres 3 – SUV with aggressive look & comfort in Nepal

The Seres 3 is now available in Nepal. It provides comfort and ample performance for you to ride in any Nepal terrain. It was also showcased during the NADA Auto Show 2023, where individuals could also book it. 


  • Aggressive Design
  • Convenient Features
  • Braking System
  • Ground Clearance
  • Suspension Setup

The 3 Ev gives off an aggressive look as a big SUV design. It keeps things simple and attractive at the same time. It is also available in 2 variants that allow you to choose within your budget and one that best fits your criteria.

What is the price of the Seres 3 in Nepal?
The 3 Ev has a starting price of Rs. 49,99 lakh to Rs. 52,99 lakh in Nepal.

Seres 3 Overview


Motor99 kW Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Max Power134.65 Ps
Max Torque300 Nm
Top Speed160 Km/h
Range405 Km
Charging Time14 Hours (Onboard 3.3kW Charger)
Front Tyre225/55 – R18
Rear Tyre225/55 – R18
Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut
Rear SuspensionIndependent Torsion
Ground Clearance190 mm
Kerb Weight1765 kg
ColorsRed, White, and Black
Seres 3 Specifications


The 3 Ev gives off an aggressive look, being a conventional SUV. The front has a unique translucent grille with Blue accents, making it distinct from other SUVs. It also comes with an LED headlamp and LED DRLs that ensure visibility. 

The rear also comes with LED lighting. It also gives off a coupe-like design. Conversely, the interior comes with comfortable seating, including double-cushioned heated seats with ample space. It also provides you with convenient features, all within arms reach. 

Seres 3 Side View
Seres 3 Side View


The Ev is powered by a 99 kW PMSM Motor with a Max power of 134.65 Ps and Max torque of 300 Nm. It has a top speed of 160 Km/h, reaching 0 – 100 Km/h in 8.9 seconds. It also comes with a 52.7kWh Ternary Lithium battery. The battery can fully charge in 14 hours via the onboard 3.3kW Charger. It also has the ability to have a Max range of 405 Km on a single Charge. You can also check out the MG4 EV; it provides a slightly higher performance and a similar pricing range.

Seres 3 Rear View
Seres 3 Rear View


The 3 Ev comes with modern features for convenience and comfort. It comes with a ternary Lithium Battery that ensures you have sufficient range. It also has alloy wheels, a dash camera, a 10.25-inch infotainment system, and a Panoramic sunroof that adds to its look. It also ensures that you have a convenient ride at all times. The Airbags, braking System, Suspension Setup, High-strength Body, and 360-degree camera are installed for a safe and comfortable ride on all terrain.

Seres 3 Price in Nepal

The 3 Ev is available in 2 variants with a starting price of Rs. 49,99 lakh to Rs. 52,99 lakh in Nepal. You can visit the nearest showroom for more information and purchase of the vehicle.

Seres 3VariantsPrice in Nepal
Seres 3ComfortRs. 49,99,000
Seres 3PremiumRs. 52,99,000
Seres 3 Price in Nepal

The Seres EV comes with two different variants with different performance and pricing that allows you to choose the one you like. It features an aggressive and unique design that makes you stand out compared to the rest. You are also provided with features that allow you to have everything within arms reach for a smooth ride.


What is the price of the Seres 3 in Nepal?

The 3 Ev has a starting price of Rs. 49,99 lakh to Rs. 52,99 lakh in Nepal.

What are the color options for the Seres 3?

The 3 Ev is available in 3 colors: Red, White, and Black.

What is the top speed of the 3 Ev?

The 3 Ev has a top speed of 160 km/h.

What is the kerb weight of the Seres Ev?

The 3 Ev has a kerb weight of 1765 Kg.

What is the Max Range of the 3 Ev?

The 3 Ev comes with a Max Range of 405 Km.

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