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New Year Offers 2080 | Offers on Automobiles you have been waiting for!!

New Year Offers | The year 2080 is just around the corner. New Year in Nepal is also known as “Bikram Sambat,” and it happens on the first Baisakh Nepali date, which is April 14th in the English calendar this year. Throughout the year, Nepal celebrates seven different new years. Nhu Dan, Tamu Loshar, English New Year, Maghi (Tharu, Magar, Kiant), Sonam loshar, Gyalpo Lhosar, and the Nepali New Year are only a few examples. 

During New Year, companies provide various offers that promote their products with discounts that please the customer allowing them to be known too.

Let’s go ahead and look at how Nepali New Year is celebrated in Nepal.

Nepali New Year 2080: How do people celebrate New Year in Nepal?

Although New Year varies from country, the majority of the people celebrate it the same way with enthusiasm and passion.

Usually, Individuals start by making New Year’s resolutions and Aims for the year. People also let go of their past mistakes and try to move on.

There are 125 Caste and ethnic groups in Nepal that has their unique way of celebrating events. Some celebrate it by going out to picnics, long drives, coming back home to visit the family, and so on. Since there is an increase in religious communities in Nepal, they go to temples and worship the god by thanking them and offering them by donating a hefty sum.

New Year Offers 2080: Automobile Companies with their offer

GWM – Get a benefit of up to 5 Lakh!!

GWM New Year Offer
GWM New Year Offer

About GWM

GWM is a Global Intelligent Technology Company with over 80 Subsidiaries and Affiliates worldwide, employing over 70,000 people. It is also said that they have exceeded sales of up to one million units per annum for 6 years running. 

With Global Models such as Haval H6 and Haval Jolion, they have a strong presence in Nepal. They continue to expand their market with futuristic vehicles while promising to support Next-generation automobile innovation.
In Nepal, VG is the officially authorized importer of Great Wall Motor (GWM).

New Year Offer 2080 from GWM

  • Attractive Cash Discount
  • Special Celebration Discount
  • One-Year Comprehensive Insurance
  • Free Accessories
  • 5 Years Warranty*
  • 3 Years of free service*
  • Spot Valuation and Exchange & Many more

AIMA – Offers on 2 electric Scooter

AIMA New Year Offer
AIMA New Year Offer

About AIMA

AIMA is a Chinese EV company, with one of the most stylishly designed scooters in Nepal. It is one of the leading scooters in Nepal and has brought a great discount for the New Year 2080.

Himal EV Motors is AIMA Electric Scooter’s authorized distributor in Nepal. AIMA has offered a variety of Big and Small Electric Scooters, Motorcycles, Cycles, and other items. Nepal, on the other hand, has five different varieties of electric scooters with dealerships in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • Free Helmet
  • Four Free Servicing for a Year
  • Road Tax paid for a Year
  • Gifts

New Year Hyundai 2080 offer

Hyundai New Year Offer
Hyundai New Year Offer

About Hyundai

Since February 2009, Laxmi Intercontinental Pvt. Ltd has been the sole authorized distributor of Hyundai Motors in Nepal. They are currently providing 12 car types with a prominent player in the Nepalese automobile market, being able to deliver a high-quality car with improved mobility. Hyundai is also well-known for its durability, dependability, and fuel economy.

More than a better car, their goal is to meet the customer’s satisfaction. They established the 3S Center, which focuses on Sales, Service, and Spare Parts, to strengthen Hyundai Motor’s network footprint throughout Nepal.
Laxmi Intercontinental P. Ltd. has 17 showrooms and 19 service centers across the country.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • Cash Discount up to Rs. 5,00,000
  • New Year bonus of Rs. 80,000
  • Exchange Bonus of Rs. 80,000
  • Model Year discount up to Rs. 2,00,000
  • Buyers can also receive a 1-year free comprehensive insurance
  • One year Free Road Tax

Yamaha Power of 5 New Year Scheme 2080

Yamaha New Year Offer
Yamaha New Year Offer

About Yamaha

Yamaha is a Japanese company that formed a joint venture in India to form “India Yamaha Motor Private Limited.” (IYM). This has enabled us to purchase Yamaha cars because we can purchase the merchandise directly from India rather than Japan, which is more distant, time-consuming, and expensive.

MAW Enterprise is the sole distributor of Yamaha motorbikes and scooters in Nepal, and they are the ones that developed the “Power of Five” plan to commemorate the Nepali New Year 2080.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • Cash Discount of Rs. 50,000 during the chance of purchase of the product
  • Second chance in the showroom to get a cashback of Rs. 1,00,000 from the purchase through Wildcard
  • Receive of Unique Referal Code with the chance to join the weekly prize draw
  • Weekly Draw of iPhone 14, Apple Watch, or Apple Airpods

Honda “Choose Your Scheme”

Honda New Year Offer
Honda New Year Offer

About Honda

Honda is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing companies recognized worldwide. Honda was first introduced in Nepal in 1968 A.D., Syakar trading company is the authorized distributor in Nepal.

There are 18 Two-Wheeler vehicles in Nepal with 7 Bikes, 5 Scooters, and 6 Heavy bikes with various variants that suit the riders wants.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • On every Honda Purchase, get up to Rs. 1,00,000, You can also get an Extra Desired Scheme
  • Free Spare parts, engine oil, and Servicing for 2 years with Rs. 8,000
  • Additional Scratch of Rs. 10,000
  • 5 Years AMC worth Rs. 12.5000

Vespa/Aprilia New year offer

Vespa/Aprilia New Year Offer
Vespa/Aprilia New Year Offer

About Vespa/Aprilia

Vespa and Aprilia is an Italian Brand founded in 1946 and 1945. Vespa vehicles are known for their reliability, Fuel efficiency, and ease to use. Whereas, Aprilia is known for its Advanced Technology, High-quality components, and excellent performance.

MV Dugar Group is the Authorized distributor of Vespa and Aprilia Scooters in Nepal. There are 6 Vespa Scooters available in Nepal, and 4 Aprilia Scooters. Due to its unique design, performance, and scooters ranging from Commuter to racing, it is quite well known to young riders.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • Cash Discount Rs. 10,000
  • 5% interest Rate on Insurance
  • Free Branded Helmet and Keyring
  • Rs. 10,000/ Extra valuation on Exchange
  • Get Free Accessories during the visit to the showroom

TVS Champion of Technology

TVS New Year Offer
TVS New Year Offer

About TVS

TVS Motor Company is an Indian multinational Company manufacturing Motorcycles, Scooters, and mopeds. One of the well-known models is the Apache RTR and Ntorq series which showcases a unique design with extreme racing performance.

Jagdamba is the authorized distributor of TVS vehicles in Nepal, they currently sell 8 models of Motorcycles with various variants and 5 models of scooters, ranging from commuters. to high-performance packed vehicles.

New Year Offer 2080 from Offer

  • Cash Discount of Rs. 8,000 on all Bikes
  • Cash Discount of Rs. 7,000 on all Scooters
  • Free Helmet worth Rs. 5,000 on Apache series
  • 0% interest rate on Finance
  • Rs. 10,000 value addition on Exchange


This New Year 2080 is gonna be a big “Damaka” as the majority of the well-known Automobiles company are offering extraordinary discounts and offers that will tempt many riders. This is also the chance to start a new year with a new ride.

The offers above are also a competition among the companies as their old and new vehicles are on offer trying to attract a lot users as possible.

Reuben Pederick Tamang
Reuben Pederick Tamanghttp://www.enginegaadi.com
The sounds that the bikes give out during the ride. F1 racing, road racing, etc. This provides me with the thrill just from hearing them. Getting to twist the throttle allows me to feel how the rider felt. Each vehicle has uniqueness, and everyone has the right to know about it. Tips and tricks. The unknown feature allows us to use the maximum limit of what they can provide.


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