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Monsoon checkups and service offers for Crossfire and ItalicaMoto are now opening soon.

Crossfire and ItalicaMoto have launched an enticing “Monsoon Checkup Camp and Test Ride” campaign at their showrooms in Maharajgunj and Ekantakuna, Kathmandu. This limited-time offer provides motorcycle enthusiasts with a range of benefits and services. Customers can take advantage of a free checkup performed by skilled technicians who will meticulously inspect 16 crucial checkpoints and conduct lubrication on 9 essential points.


During the checkup, the technicians will pay close attention to components such as the spark plug, air filter, brake pedal, engine oil, clutch lever, steering bearing, front and rear calipers, battery, brake pad, tire air pressure, lighting, sensors, wire harness, fuse and relay, CDI/ECU, and front and rear wheel bearings. Any necessary repairs or replacements will be addressed promptly, ensuring the motorcycles are in optimal condition.

Monsoon Offers

Additionally, Crossfire and ItalicaMoto are offering a generous 25% discount on spare parts during the campaign. This discount presents an excellent opportunity for customers to acquire genuine parts at a reduced price, enhancing the performance and longevity of their motorcycles.

Furthermore, prospective buyers have the chance to experience the thrill of riding various models from ItalicaMoto and Crossfire through the test ride option available during the campaign. Whether it’s the Formula 150 scooter from ItalicaMoto or the HJ250, GR7 250, RM250, or Tracker 250 from Crossfire, enthusiasts can get a firsthand feel for the power, agility, and comfort of these motorcycles.

With the “Monsoon Checkup Camp and Test Ride” campaign, Crossfire and ItalicaMoto demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring the utmost reliability of their motorcycles. This offer not only provides comprehensive maintenance services but also promotes the opportunity for riders to explore the exceptional performance and features of the showcased models.

Reuben Pederick Tamang
Reuben Pederick Tamanghttp://www.enginegaadi.com
The sounds that the bikes give out during the ride. F1 racing, road racing, etc. This provides me with the thrill just from hearing them. Getting to twist the throttle allows me to feel how the rider felt. Each vehicle has uniqueness, and everyone has the right to know about it. Tips and tricks. The unknown feature allows us to use the maximum limit of what they can provide.


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