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Mahindra Thar Electric SUV has now been unveiled this (August 2023)

The Mahindra Thar Electric SUV is to be showcased on 15th August in South Africa during the Company’s Public Event. It is confirmed that The 5-Door Thar will not be revealed on that date, instead, they’ll be focusing on the Electric concept as they retain the basic ladder-on-frame chassis and the three-door layout of the current Mahindra Thar.

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The Thar Electric is rumored to feature a Quad Motor Setup with one motor on each wheel, making it have a crab-walk feature, similar to the Hummer EV. The ruggedness of the Thar is attributed to its strong ladder-on-frame chassis, which is heavier than the monocoque frame found in other Compact SUVs.

Currently, Mahindra’s only electric vehicle is the XUV400 which is equipped with a single motor setup generating a Max power of 147.5 bhp and a Max torque of 310 Nm. While the Thar Electric concept is still far from production, Mahindra is known for thorough testing before launching new vehicles, which proves that it might launch soon after it has been tested and prepared for real-life obstacles.

Mahindra Thar Electric SUV Pictures

Mahindra Thar Electric SUV - 4
Mahindra Thar Electric SUV – 4
Mahindra Thar Electric SUV - 2
Mahindra Thar Electric SUV – 2
Mahindra Thar Electric SUV - 3
Mahindra Thar Electric SUV – 3

Pricing and Availability

As the Exact Launched Date, Pricing, and Specifications of the Thar Electric is not yet released. The coming event on August 15th is expected to provide more information and insights into how it actually is. It is still uncertain whether the EV will be built on the same body frame setup as its internal combustion engine (ICE) or if it will use a new one. However, it is quite evident that the Electric Thar will use a different technology as the electric version offers unique features and capabilities.

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