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BYD Dolphin finally launched in Nepal with Exclusive Pricing.

The BYD Dolphin is an innovative and advanced electric vehicle representing a significant leap forward in sustainable transportation. It is based on the “Ocean Aesthetics” design concept that features sophisticated outline bodywork mated with sharp creases and flowing contours. It is built to provide clean energy while maintaining sustainability with its cutting-edge technology.


  • Blade Battery
  • Intelligent Cockpit System
  • Adjustable Seat

The Dolphin is an electric vehicle that combines advanced features for comfort, convenience, and safety. It boasts a distinctive exterior that is equipped with LED headlights, daytime running lights, and continuous taillights that enhances both visibility and aesthetics.

The BYD Dolphin Electric Hatchback will be showcased during the NADA Auto Show 2023, as it is one of the most anticipated electric cars coming into the Nepalese market.

What is the price of BYD Dolphin in Nepal?
BYD Dolphin is priced at Rs. 39,80 lakh in Nepal.

BYD Dolphin Overview

MotorPermanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Max Power95 Ps
Max Torque180 Nm
Top Speed150 Km/h
Range340 Km
Charging Time7.1 Hours (7kW 1-phase Charger)
Front SuspensionMcPherson Strut
Rear SuspensionVentilated
Ground Clearance150 mm
Kerb Weight1658 kg
ColorsAtlantis Grey + Jet Black, Surfing Blue + Urban Grey, Coral Pink + Urban Grey, Skiing White + Urban Grey, Urban Grey, Cream White, Coral Pink, and Amethyst Purple
BYD Dolphin Specifications
BYD Dolphin Interior
BYD Dolphin Interior


The Dolphin is a harmonious blend of aesthetic elegance and functional efficiency. The smooth contours with aerodynamic lines give it a dynamic profile that also enhances its performance resulting in extended range and energy efficiency. The Front and rear lights is inspired by the dynamic motion of dolphins rupturing through the ocean to grasp their breadth. The LED headlight gives off a avant-garde style and technology.

In the interior the floating-centered console design gives it a further modern, dynamic design and environment that covers the whole dashboard, forming a beautiful surface. It comes with a integrated voice function that allows the user to drive without any distraction and control some features with the voice assist. Sporty vegan leather seat offer comfort and lateral support during cornering and long drives. As it is made from sustainabl vegan leather, it also offers a eco-friendly solution where you can customized it to your every need.

BYD Dolphin Front View
BYD Dolphin Front View


The Dolphin boasts an impressive array of performance features that set it apart in the realm of electric vehicles. The Dolphin is powered by a 44.9 kWh battery with a Max power of 70 kW and a Max torque of 180 Nm. It has a Max range of 340 Km, where it can accelerate from 0 – 100 Km/h in 10.9 seconds. It uses an AC Type 2 charging of 7.4 kW power as well as DC fast charging with a power of 60 kW.

The Heat Pump system comes as standard. It allows you to use the heat from the surroundings and utilize the powertrain, passenger compartment, and also the battery to enhance thermal efficiency and save energy, whether its during the heating or cooling of the vehicle, which increases low-temperature driving range.

BYD Dolphin - 1
BYD Dolphin – 1


The Dolphin comes with 8-1 powertrain capabilities that integrate VCU, BMS, MCU, PDU, DC-DC Controller, On-board Charger, Drive motor, and transmission that optimizes space utilization and energy efficiency. Safety features such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, and lane departure warning ensure you don’t stray and keep you on track. Automatic headlights, Tinted glass, and electrically adjustable mirrors are added for convenience.

BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

The Dolphin is priced at Rs. 39,80 lakh in Nepal. You Can visit the nearest showroom for more information or the NADA Auto Show when they release the details.

BYD DolphinPrice in Nepal
BYD DolphinRs. 39,80,000
BYD Dolphin Price in Nepal

Final Thoughts

The BYD Dolphin’s electric nature aligns perfectly with Nepal’s aspirations for reducing air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. With what the dolphin has to offer, it can easily become one of the leading EV in Nepal. The Dolphin’s innovation with a combination of advanced technology, and enhanced performance resonates with nepal’s terrain and the need easily, where they’ll be able to foster a cleaner and sustainable vehicle.


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